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These sites lead to a variety of information of interest to Toastmasters, Clubs and speakers. NOTE: We have no control over these sites. If any are not working, please let us know.

Toastmasters International Website Premier website of Toastmasters International Headquarters. Contains information for those seeking information about Toastmasters, club locations, member services, company and community club information, and much, much more.

District 62 Website Website for Michigan's own District 62 Toastmasters.

Toastmasters Directory of Resources A potpouri of Toastmasters related information and links.

Webbed Toastmasters Clubs Toastmasters websites throughout the world.

Toastmasters Newsgroup ( See what other Toastmasters are talking about.

The Quotations Page A new quote every day. Also a multitude of quotes and anecdotes.

Cool Word Of The Day Improve your vocabulary.

Clean Jokes Page Humor to spice up your meetings.

Toastmasters FAQ (frequently asked questions) - developed by European Toastmasters Most everything an inquisitive Toastmaster (or prospective Toastmaster) would want to know.

Sample Club Constitution and Bylaws Developed by Stimulight Toastmasters, Club 5449-21, Burnaby BC Canada. Gives Toastmasters the legalities of club membership and protocols.

Monthly Speaking Tips Helpful speaking tips for the novice and experienced speaker. Get meanings to many words.

This page updated on May 24, 2001